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Denton Furnace Repairs

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The last thing you want to have to take care of in the winter is Denton furnace repairs. The best approach to take is the preventative one. This means that by taking care of your system and dealing with any possible repairs that need to be done you can keep your system up and running for much longer.

The common problem is that homeowners don’t want to invest the money upfront for even minor repairs. But in the long run it means that those repairs will become much bigger and costlier concerns. So it only makes sense to deal with issues when they are smaller before they can become something much worse.

Signs of Trouble

To start with you should take into consideration the age of your furnace. If you are having problems and your furnace has been in your home for way too long now then it is probably time to replace it instead of repair it. Keep in mind the theory to use for evaluating whether to repair or replace. If the repair cost is going to be 50% or greater than the value of the unit then it is time to replace it.

Aside from that, here are some common signs of distress you may face when dealing with your furnace:

  • High-pitched squealing – This usually happens when the blower belt is slipping or frayed. It can also occur when the ball-bearings need to be lubricated
  • Low rumbling sound – This is very potentially hazardous if you have an oil-burning system. It usually means that oil has made its way into the combustion chamber and this can send dangerous fumes into your home.
  • Rattling, rocking or vibrating noises – This is also a potentially serious matter. It could mean the heat exchanger is cracked and this can send dangerous toxins into your home.
  • Scraping sound – Although this is probably just the ball bearings, you should turn off the furnace immediately because this could cause more damage or even a fire. Call your furnace pro right away.
  • Flickering or yellow pilot light – This means there is excess carbon and the light should be adjusted to return to blue. If that doesn’t work you need to call in an professional expert.

The Right Choice

In order to take the best care possible of your Denton home you need to know the name to trust – Pro Plumbing Heating & Air. Having been in the business for over a decade you have probably already heard of our reputable name. Now, we look forward to you trusting us with all of your future Denton furnace repair and related service needs.


If you are looking for Greensboro and Lexington, NC area plumbing services then please call (336)499-6844 or complete our online request form.

If you are looking for heating, cooling, or plumbing services in the Greensboro and Lexington area then please call 336-499-6844 or complete our online request form.