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For almost a century, Pro Plumbing Air & Electric has been providing the highest quality heating services to Greensboro residents. Our Greensboro heating contractors have developed an immense amount of knowledge, skill, and experience throughout this time. These three aspects make us the most qualified heating contractors in the area. In our heating services, we guarantee that you and your family will be completely satisfied.

Call us today if you have any heating related needs. We can help you with all repairs, installations, and replacements. Our professional and polite staff is always here to help in any way that we can. We would be excited to schedule your appointment today.

Emergency Heating Service

Emergency Heating Service in GreensboroThe first objective in any emergency repair project is to restore the comfort levels of your home. After all, you and your family want your residential heater to be operable as quickly as possible. Although our emergency repair contractors are focused on achieving this goal, we do not let it affect the overall quality of our work.

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Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs in GreensboroDuring the winter time, your boiler heating system is extremely important. Your residential boiler provides your family with the comfort and security that they expect in their Greensboro home. Your boiler heater is immensely important in keeping up the standard of living that your family deserves. As such, before the warming months, it is important for you to have a professionally licensed boiler repair contractor on call.

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Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs in GreensboroOur Greensboro heating contractors are extremely qualified and highly experienced. We have been in the furnace repair industry for over nine decades. During this time, we have seen just about everything that can go wrong with a furnace heating system. With all of this experience, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to identify the problem with your furnace quickly and accurately. We then have the skills and methods necessary to repair your furnace sp that it is back to peak performance.

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Furnace Replacement

Furnace Replacements in GreensboroIf your furnace is performing erratically, stops working, needs constant repair, operates inefficiently, or has any other problems, it may be time to replace the system. At Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, our professional furnace installation team has the solution to all of these problems. We can assess the unique layout of your property and your family's heating needs to provide you with the system that best works for you. By installing the most customized furnace in you Greensboro home, we can guarantee that you and your family will be completely satisfied and comfortable for years to come.

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Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal Heat Pumps in GreensboroOne of the greatest aspects of geothermal heat pumps is the fact that they substantially increase the energy efficiency of your Greensboro home. These systems can have service lives of up to fifty years. According to the Department of Energy, the substantial energy savings can offset higher installation costs in as little as five years. For the rest of the system's service life, the geothermal heat pump provides Greensboro residents with immense energy savings.

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Heat Pump Repairs

Heat Pump Repairs in GreensboroStandard heat pumps operate by transferring heat between your home and the outdoor air. These systems must be highly tuned in order to maintain optimal efficiency while dealing with the wide temperature variances that can occur in outdoor air. Our heat pump repair contractors have the skill to troubleshoot your standard heat pump system in order to determine exactly what is causing it to malfunction. After determining the precise problem, we can then use the exact repairs that will ensure that your heat pump operates at peak performance and optimal efficiency levels.

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Heating Installation

Heating Installations in GreensboroAt Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, our professional heating contractors can install a furnace in your home. Furnaces use coils instead of water to produce heat. The warm air is then transported throughout your home via a blower motor and ductwork. We can install furnaces that use propane, natural gas, electricity, or other energy sources. After our furnace installation services, our heating professionals can maintain and repair the system, so you can feel confident that you will have reliable heating for years to come.

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Heating Repairs

Heating Repairs in GreensboroIn order to properly maintain your residential heating system, it is important for you to conduct routine maintenance and repairs before substantial problems occur. Generally, despite damage or faulty parts, home heating systems can continue to operate; however, when routine maintenance and repair is not conducted, they system is susceptible to a number of unfortunate problems.

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Heating Tune-Up

Heating Tune-Ups in GreensboroAt Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, our Greensboro heating specialists have the ability to help you keep your heating system properly maintained. We provide routine inspection and tune-up services for furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. During these tune-ups, we can find any problems or inefficiencies with your heater and repair them easily. After our heating tune-up services, you can feel confident that your heater is operating at peak performance.

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