Greensboro Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance

Heat Pump Repair in GreensboroIn this day of high energy prices, many Greensboro homeowners have transitioned to using heat pumps instead of the traditional forced-air heaters and air conditioners. These are great solutions to the high cost of energy. Unfortunately, many heating and cooling contractors have not adapted to this trend; therefore, it is hard to find a professionally licensed contractor with the ability to service, maintain, and repair these heat pump systems.

At Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, our Greensboro heating and cooling contractors have the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to service and repair all manners of heat pump systems. We have been in the heating and cooling business for over a decade. Over the years, we have placed a premium of continuing education and training in order to remain the premier service providers in the area. As such, we are extremely adept and repairing heat pump systems.

Call us today if you need to hire a professionally licensed heat pump repair contractor. Our staff is always here to answer any questions that you may have about your heat pump system. We would be excited to schedule your appointment today.

Greensboro Standard Heat Pump Repairs

Standard heat pumps operate by transferring heat between your home and the outdoor air. These systems must be highly tuned in order to maintain optimal efficiency while dealing with the wide temperature variances that can occur in outdoor air. Our heat pump repair contractors have the skill to troubleshoot your standard heat pump system in order to determine exactly what is causing it to malfunction. After determining the precise problem, we can then use the exact repairs that will ensure that your heat pump operates at peak performance and optimal efficiency levels.

Greensboro Geothermal Heat Pump Repairs

In contrast to standard heat pump systems, geothermal heat pumps use the more constant temperature of the ground or water to augment the interior air temperature of your home. These systems present unique repair issues because they have portions that are either buried in the ground or submerged in water.

At Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, our heat pump repair contractors have the ability to repair all geothermal heat pump systems. We have the ability to access the remote components of your geothermal heat pump and conduct repairs quickly and easily. In addition, we can service the heat pump system parts that are located in your home. This full service capability ensures that your geothermal heat pump will operate efficiently and effectively whenever you need it. You and your Greensboro family will be completely satisfied with our heat pump repair services.


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