Air Conditioning Tune Up Time In Greensboro, NC!


Your home should be comfortable year round when you have an air conditioning and heating system. Our homes are one of our largest investments, which should mean that they keep us safe and comfortable no matter what is happening with the weather or other conditions outdoors.

We live in all types of weather and atmospheric conditions across the United States. Some areas are more humid, some dry, some have more storms, some have few, some more dust and pollution, some clean and pure. These differences from state to state, city to city, and neighborhood to neighborhood mean that our homes need different systems to take care of the indoor air we spend time in.

No matter the condition, temperature, or humidity factor of our air, our air conditioning and heating systems need to function as they should to take care of keeping the air in a comfortable and healthy state.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t think about their indoor air much, yet they wonder why the air conditioner breaks down during the times they need it most. Many don’t understand that this is because the system hasn’t been maintained and will likely have a problem after it has sat idle for a few months.

Parts of the air conditioner should be tuned up prior to using it for the season. These parts rely on each other to work right. You can be experiencing problems yet not even know about it, which makes an A/C tune-up and maintenance a key factor in finding problems before they happen to cause an air conditioner break down.

During a tune up, parts will be checked and other things will be tuned, cleaned, and flushed where needed.

  • Electric connections
  • Amperage draw
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Fan motor
  • Capacitors
  • Relays
  • Condensation drains
  • Condenser coils
  • Air flow
  • Evaporator coil

On top of keeping the A/C unit functioning right this year, the tune up can give some savings on your energy bill. For instance, just having dirty coils adds up to about 20% in energy costs! And if your Condenser (outside unit) is running hot because of poor air flow, you’ll be burning up even more costs throughout the summertime.

Refrigerant levels and refrigerant lines are also vital in keeping your energy costs from rising this year. The refrigerant lines route condensation from the inside unit to the outdoors or ties into the wastewater pipes of your home. When the lines get clogged, it will likely cause the coils to freeze and the unit to stop blowing cold air. Pinhole leaks in the coils can also cause the coils to freeze up.

At least with those two common issues you have an obvious need for repair, but there are many things that can go on to make you think your air is working properly when it’s not. These things take a trained eye to spot, which is why a tune-up done by a professional Greensboro HVAC technician is so important.

Instead of waiting for a possible break down to occur this year and having to scramble to find the right air conditioning company to respond to your emergency need, why not give us a call here at Pro Plumbing Air & Electric and schedule a Greensboro air conditioning tune up?

You’ll be saving yourself some energy costs, ensuring your air conditioner is in proper working order, and creating a relationship with a company you can trust on down the line when you do need someone right away. Our pro’s are waiting to hear from you and would love the opportunity to show you why so many choose our company for reliable and honest services in the Greensboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas.


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