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If you need a furnace repair in Lexington, CT, Pro Plumbing Air & Electric is your premier repair company. We are your trusted local repair men and women for all your heating needs in Lexington and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Furnace repair is a common repair during winter months. When warm summer temperatures start turning cold, our heating units will often break down when started for the first time. During the change of seasons is the busiest time of the year for furnace repairs. However, furnaces can and will break down in the dead cold of winter.

The colder the weather gets, the harder your furnace has to work to keep your home warm. If there’s any air creeping in through cracks near the windows or under door jams, the unit works even harder.

The furnace will break down easier if it has not been maintained or kept tuned up. Regular maintenance is required for all mechanical systems in your home, including your HVAC system.

Moving parts break easy when they’re covered in grime and dirt. When one part breaks, it puts stress on the system and can bring the entire heating unit down.

Indoor air pollution is the primary cause for a dirty heating system. This is why your furnace includes an air filter that is located on the air handler. This filter does only the minimum to clean your air.

Filters should be changed out once a month. The cheaper the filter, the more likely your furnace is getting dirty, and the longer you leave the filter without changing it out, the dirtier your furnace will become.

Premium filters can clean your air more effectively, and at a minimum we would recommend using these filters. Going one step further to clean your air is using an air cleaning system in your home.

Air cleaners and purifiers will go far in getting rid of the dust, dirt, and grime in your indoor air. All air has pollutants, and if it’s not cleaned, the particles will eventually stick to surfaces. Most air purification systems will also be able to eliminate harmful contaminants as well, such as pollen, mold, mildew and other airborn pollutants.

Your choices in home air cleaners and purifiers are abundant. You can use whole home air cleaners that are installed onto your furnace system or one room portable units.

The furnace unit itself should also be kept clean. Don’t ever use your furnace area as a storage area. Never store chemicals, paint, paint stripper, chlorine, kerosene, bleach, gasoline, or any other substance whether liquid or solid near your furnace area.

If your home seems to collect dust or to get more than its fair share of dust, you probably have some air leaking problems in your home. Windows that aren’t sealed properly, framing with tiny holes or cracks between wood trimming, underneath or around exterior doors, attic leaks, all of these can play a part in letting in dust and dirt from the outdoors. Properly sealing your home will go far to eliminate this problem.

Vacuuming regularly can help, but only if your vacuum cleaner is efficient at not delivering the dust back into your home. Good vacuums with good HEPA filters or the like are best.

All in all, keeping your home free from pollutants will help your furnace last years longer and will do much to make your home life more comfortable. If you ever need furnace repairs in Lexington, we are available to you for 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week. Call your local experts at Lexington Pro Plumbing Air & Electric.


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