The Importance of Heating Tune-Ups in Winston

If you’re a homeowner in Winston, heating tune-ups are an important measure that you can take to keep your central heating system functioning correctly. Many Winston homeowners find themselves in sudden need of heating repairs during the cold winter months, and in many cases, the problem could have been prevented with diligent regular maintenance. It’s easy to overlook regular heating tune-ups, but they can actually save you a good deal of money in the long run by preventing the need for potentially costly heating repairs. An experienced, qualified HVAC technician will be able to detect and resolve potential problems early, before they worsen and potentially cause your heater to stop working. Here are some of the reasons why heating tune-ups are important for homeowners in Winston.

  • Heating tune-ups can help keep you and your family safe. In some instances, a problem with your heating system could present a serious safety hazard. Furnaces heat your home via combustion, meaning that problems with a furnace could create a potential fire hazard. If you have a gas heater, than carbon monoxide emissions are also a serious risk. This odorless gas can be deadly, and detecting a potential leak early during a heating tune-up could save your life.
  • Heating tune-ups can improve your home’s energy efficiency. When your heater has regular maintenance from a qualified Winston HVAC professional, it will run at optimal efficiency, saving you money on heating bills.
  • Heating tune-ups can reduce the need for potentially costly repairs. If you don’t schedule regular tune-ups, you could miss a potential problem until it gets to the point that it causes your furnace or other heating system to stop working completely. Early detection will save you money on repair costs, as well as preventing the hassle of going without a working heater.
  • Heating tune-ups will help keep your warranty valid. Most heaters come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but this may be contingent on regular maintenance. Regular heating tune-ups can help you avoid accidentally voiding your warranty.
  • Heating tune-ups can help extend your heater’s life span. If you keep your heater properly maintained, it will be able to run longer, and you won’t need to replace it as soon. Furnace replacements can cost thousands of dollars, making professional tune-ups well worth the cost.


What Winston Heating Tune-Ups Actually Involve

During a routine heating tune-up, an HVAC technician will perform a number of checks on your heater to make sure it’s running correctly, and to check for any potential problems.

  • Checking for carbon monoxide emissions
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Checking the burner flame
  • Checking the heat exchanger or combustion chamber
  • Checking motors or oil pumps
  • Checking pilot light operation
  • Removing dust from the burner and other components
  • Checking the vent pipes
  • Replacing the thermocouple, if necessary
  • Checking the blower wheel
  • Checking your furnace filters
  • Checking the operational controls, including the thermostat and safety controls


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