Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner – What To Do?

Repair or Replace Your North Carolina Air Conditioner One of the most common dilemmas that homeowners face is whether or not to keep spending money repairing an old air conditioning unit or to go ahead and invest in a new air conditioner. It’s often easy to think that an air conditioning company would, without fail, recommend a new system. This is not the case, however, as there are many factors involved, and total replacement is not always beneficial for either the homeowner or the AC company. In the end, the key is saving energy and saving money. Here are some things to think consider as you may be making that choice in the near future.

Replacing Your Current Air Conditioner

You should consider replacing your current air conditioner if you have a standing pilot furnace or air conditioner that was built before 1992. The greatest reason for this, is because your old furnace is running about 65% efficiency and your air conditioner efficiency rate is even less. What this means is that your energy bill is not just higher – it’s skyrocketing. What this also means is that all maintenance or repair will cost you double simply because your units have older parts that become harder to replace.
If you have an air conditioner that has outlasted the warranty – particularly the warranty for the compressor – then you will definitely want to consider replacing it. Once the warranty runs out, then repairs become very costly, especially for core components that are essential for the unit to run. Making repairs for a unit that is going to end up costing you hundreds of dollars just to keep it running is not a wise investment.

Replacement or Repair Rule of Thumb

If you’re still confused, then consider the following guideline. if your equipment is over 3/4 of it’s life expectancy and repairs cost more than 1/3 of a new installation, then you should replace the unit. Keeping it is only going to cost you money all around. Newer models have energy saving features, are fully programmable, and will be dependable and durable when you need them the most. This is especially beneficial during the months when you need your AC unit to work the most such as August or January.


Contact a Professional

If you are unsure whether or not you should replace or repair your current air conditioner, then it’s best to contact a professional AC company and schedule an in-home visit. A professional know what to look for and can even answer questions that you haven’t even thought to ask. A reputable company will be honest in their assessments and their estimates. They will always keep the customer’s best interest in mind. A professional company will also have the experience and training that is essential in order to inspect any model regardless of how old or new or what type of manufacturers the air conditioner came from.


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