electrical repairs forsyth county ncThere are some things in life that you should never attempt to do yourself, nor should you cut corners by hiring someone who isn't licensed and experienced. The risk is just not worth it.

When you choose Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, we will ensure that you receive the reliable electrical repairs you need. We offer fast and friendly service in Davidson, Guilford, and Forsyth County, NC, and our licensed electricians are experienced in all types of electrical repair.

Expert Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
Whether your home is a new construction or much older, it may have electrical problems. To properly diagnose an issue, our electricians need to troubleshoot your electrical system and determine the underlying cause. Often, our customers’ difficulties are a result of outdated panels, loose connections, and old or damaged wiring.

Call us for electrical repairs if you have:

  • Flickering Lights
  • Outlets You Can't Plug Into
  • Continual Breaker Tripping
  • Sparks, Arcs, or Burn Smells
  • Tingling Feeling or Electric Shock
  • Dark-Colored or Warm Outlets
  • Odd Sounds From Appliances
  • Power Surges
  • Smoking Outlets or Appliances
  • Bulbs Burning Out Right After Replacement
  • Power Draining When Appliances Are Used Together
  • Popping Noises
  • Visibly Loose Outlets or Connections
  • Exposed Wiring

Lower Your Energy Bill
Has your electric bill been noticeably higher lately? Our electricians may be able to tell you why! We will check your home for damaged wiring and circuits, devices that are causing power surges, and other energy hogs that might be affecting your monthly bill.

Fix Outlets
Do you have loose outlets or outlets that seem to be clogged with something? These problems should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid shock, sparks, or fires. Whether we need to repair your outlets or replace them with GFCI outlets, we can take care of your problem.

Repair Lighting
There are times when moisture causes problems with the wiring that powers your lights. Lighting problems may also happen because of old or loose wiring. Whatever is causing your lights to flicker or not work correctly, we will be able to find the problem and fix it for you.

Stop Power Surges
Frequent electrical surges can harm your home appliances and decrease their life expectancy. Common causes of surges are poor wiring, lightning strikes, damaged power lines, and faulty appliances. Our electricians can determine the cause of your electrical surges and greatly reduce their frequency.

Prevent Electric Shocks
An unexpected electric shock is usually pretty mild, but it can be...well, shocking. People usually receive a shock when turning a device on or off, and there are two possible causes: an issue with the plugged-in device or with your property’s internal wiring. You always try plugging in a different device — but that risks giving yourself another zap. Instead, call one of our electricians.

Do You Need a Licensed Electrician?
If you need electrical services from a reliable company near Forsyth County, NC, then you can trust the experts at Pro Plumbing Air & Electric. We provide electrical installation, generator installation, panel upgrades, and more for our local customers.

Our team will always provide high-quality service and get the job done fast. We offer flat-rate pricing upfront, which ensures that you don’t find any last-minute surprises on your bill. Give us a call, and schedule your electrical repairs today!