Panel Upgrades

Panel UpgradesPanel upgrades are really important because an outdated electrical panel can be very dangerous. They are often the source of fire and electrical arcs. The electrical panel is a distribution board where the electricity supply is distributed to subsidiary circuits that carry power to different areas of your home or commercial building. It provides a protective fuse (circuit breaker) for each circuit within the enclosure. When the parts within get old and outdated, they can fail and lead to shock or fire.

Safety Building Code Standards are in place to ensure that upgrades are done when needed. However, most homeowners and commercial building owners don't realize that the panel needs to be upgraded. These safety regulations are designed to ensure that electrical system can operate safely. It's important to have this panel examined by an experienced local electrician for a possible upgrade.

How Often To Upgrade Electrical Panels

Homeowners should have panel upgrades done about every ten years if they have lived in the home during that time and have kept it updated. If you just moved in, you should always have an electrician do the electrical inspection which would include inspecting the panel. If you own a home that you rent out, every five years is warranted to ensure that tenants are safe and haven't done anything crazy to your electrical system.

Commercial electrical panels need to be inspected for a possible upgrade around every five years. Staying up to code is important for homeowners and business owners alike.

Why Not Upgrade To A Smart Electrical Panel?

Every year, it seems things are getting smarter and more innovative. Today, you can upgrade to a "smart" panel that can be monitored and operated remotely over a wireless connection on your smartphone or tablet. The best smart panels offer all-inclusive relay with a Web-enabled controller and monitor built right into the system. This is a self-contained, motorized circuit breaker panel. If you are interested in a smart panel upgrade or a regular panel upgrade for your home or commercial business, just let us know.


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