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Surfing Vacation

SURFING IN SANOYA FOR ADULTS Our beach side is not only terrific for all types of water sports but we offer other exciting adventure sports as well. Take your family out for an exciting day at the beach.   Getting to know the equipment   Weather conditions and wind BOOK LESSONS   Presidential Suit $400 With almost a decade of …

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Family Water Sports

ANY KIND OF WATER SPORTS Our trips has variety of activities. WHERE TO FIND US SPORTS FOR YOUNG AND OLD Specialized programms for all ages. OUR PROGRAMMS NEW Bannana Ride $13 Sup Renting $10/day Boat Rent $50 Transport $30 It’s a mix of surfing and kayaking and is fast becoming a very popular water sport. LAST CHANCE …

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Young Guns Courses

FROM 7 to 14 YEARS YOUNG SURFERS $300 Accomodation Trainers Our boards and sails are of one of the most coveted and most wanted brands of the world which can sail in any condition. Additionally, each sail has been rigged with the carbon mast and the carbon booms as per the recommended standard. APPLY NOW …

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Windsurfing Freestyle

All the windsurfing and the oceans. Our bikes are of top quality including ones with front suspension which are just perfect for biking in the mountains. We also give on rent the full suspension downhill bikes though it has to be pre-booked. Serious bikers are advised to get their own SPD pedals and boots. Our …

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Surfing for Beginners

WEATHER FORECAST FOR THE TRIP 00 Air temperature (°C) 000 Air pressure (hPa) 0 Wave Height 00 Wind speed (kts) To make the deal more attractive for you, we have an amazing economical price range with lucrative discounts for bulk bookings. For professional our coast and equipments are the best to hone your skills and …

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All about the trips and kitesurfing. We’re a bold bunch of riders, explorers. With almost a decade of experience, we can confidently boast of being the ultimate champion of the game. All our instructors are well experienced and have rich tutoring expertise with our top notch equipments. Kitesurfing coach (5hrs/day on water) Airport - Hostel transportation Accomodation …


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Paros Island

JUNIOR SURF COACHES AND ANIMATOR CARE We take care for the little ones for free. ACCOMODATION AND LIVING EXPENCES Price varies by type of accomodation and place. MEALS AND OTHER EXPENCES Food is cheep, a grochery store near by. ADDITIONAL EXPENCES ON TRIPS Boat ride to the Isla De Canna EXPLORER SURF PACKAGE INTERMEDIATE TO …

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Trip to Spain

INCLUDED IN PRICE Accomodation $50/day Comfortable hostel stay with 3 meals per day. Trainer $20/hour Well educated trainers are included in price of this trip. Our range of courses include introductory course to help you get the taste of windsurfing. HOSTEL ACCOMODATION $40 TENT ACCOMODATION $10 BOAT TRIPS TO ISLANDS $30 SCORES BY PARTICIPANTS   …

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