Your 5 Step Checklist to Winterizing Your Home's Plumbing

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There’s no denying that the mercury is dropping and the temperatures are steadily getting lower. Pretty soon, winter will be here, and with it, the cold and possibly even freezing weather. While you’ll certainly be paying attention to your heating system and ensuring it’s operating efficiently, there’s another way you can save energy—and ultimately, money—this winter.

At Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, we don’t just provide heating services and hot water heater repair in Rowan County, NC. We also offer tips for our customers to save them money through reduced energy costs. By winterizing your home’s plumbing, you can give it the extra attention it needs during winter and keep your home comfortable all season long.

Follow this simple checklist for affordable winterization strategies to waste less energy and save more money:

1. Insulate Your Pipes

This is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to keep heat and energy from escaping your pipes. You can even purchase pre-cut insulation, made from fiberglass or polyethylene, online or at your local hardware store to insulate your pipes during the winter. For extra protection, wrap your pipes in heat tape before applying the insulating foam tubes.

2. Seal All Exterior Cracks

If you have cracks in your exterior walls or other opportunities for cold air to enter your home, it could negatively affect the temperature of your pipes. You can prevent this seeping of unwanted cold air by using caulking or spray foam to seal these cracks and maintain a constant pipe temperature. This can provide you with increased efficiency and long-term savings through decreased utility usage.

3. Leave Your Cabinet Doors Open

If you have kitchen and bathroom sinks that are against the exterior walls of your home, you should consider leaving those cabinet doors open during particularly cold nights. This will allow warm air to flow into these areas, preventing your pipes from getting cold.

4. Insulate Your Crawl Spaces, Garage Doors, and Basement Windows

When cold air makes its way into these vulnerable spots, it can make contact with your pipes, causing them to freeze and even burst during a cold spell if the temperature gets low enough. Check and insulate all these trouble spots to ensure you’re not letting the frigid air inside your home.

5. Call Pro Plumbing Air & Electric

By hiring a professional heating and plumbing company like Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, you can avoid all the hassle associated with winterizing our home, because we’ll do it for you. From identifying any trouble spots to helping you get the most out of your heating and plumbing systems this winter, we’ll help you save money and enjoy comfort in your home all throughout the season.

For more information on winterizing your home, or for water heater repair in Davie County, NC, call us at (336) 892-8105 today!