plumbing repair davie county ncPlumbing systems are so crucial to everyday life that we sometimes take them for granted. That is, until they break down or fail, creating a significant disturbance and inconvenience for you and your entire household. At Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, we proudly provide the most reliable plumbing services to the areas of Davie, Guilford, Davidson, and Forsyth Counties in NC.

For the last ten years, we have offered the residents of our communities the highest level of service and customer satisfaction through our dedication to quality plumbing repair and maintenance. We feature a highly-trained and certified staff of plumbers and professionals to effectively create solutions for all your plumbing installation and repair projects.

We offer a wide range of service for our clients, including:

Dishwasher Installation

We understand that no one wants to toil over the sink to hand-wash dishes after every meal. That is why we offer expert dishwasher installation to get you out of the kitchen and back to thoroughly enjoying your meal again.

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain or sink can be much more than a minor inconvenience. It can be indicative of another, possibly more serious problem. Since these and pipes of many plumbing systems are interconnected, this can affect multiple components of these systems.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Having a reliable, trusted, and professionally-licensed plumber is imperative when requesting their emergency services. These urgent issues need to be corrected immediately, and ensuring your home is safe and protected from further damages should be the primary focus of an emergency plumber.

Faucet Repair

A slowly leaking faucet can not only waste hundreds of gallons of water, but it can drive up your water bill and eventually cause problems, like staining and rust, for your plumbing fixtures and sinks. You should always address these issues as soon as possible to avoid further damaging your plumbing system and components.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Cooking, cleaning, and keeping order in your kitchen can become easier and more convenient with an expertly installed garbage disposal. This device also decreases the likelihood of clogged drains.

Gas Line Installation

Our plumbers at Pro Plumbing Air & Electric are professionally licensed to install gas lines according to industry standards and safety regulations for homes in NC.

Gutter Drain Piping

A correctly installed gutter system can effectively protect the exterior of your home from the erosive and destructive effects of uncontrolled cascading water flow due to excess rainwater accumulation.

Hot Water Circulation Systems

We can provide your household with increased hot water efficiency and even a decrease in utility bills with our customized hot water circulation systems.

Other Various Installations

At Pro Plumbing Air & Electric, we provide a wide array of plumbing services, including installing sinks, bathtubs, kitchen appliances, showers, and much more, all from our expert and professionally-trained technicians.

Plumbing Repairs For Home Sales

Getting your home in shape to be sold is a great way to maximize its overall sales price. Helping you get the best possible price for your home or business is our priority.

Sewer And Water Pipe Replacements

Having high-quality sewer and water pipes is integral to reducing the chances of damage to your home by leaking or faulty components. If you have an old or damaged plumbing system, make an appointment with one of our sewer experts to remedy the problem.

Sink Installation

If you're looking to remodel and improve your kitchen or bathroom, we offer extensive experience in installing a variety of sinks, including pedestal sinks, undermount sinks, stainless steel sinks, and many more.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless systems can provide your home with endless hot water. These energy efficient and convenient systems offer not only the luxury of never-ending hot water, but with a decrease in water bills due to their effectiveness.

Water Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are essential to any household because of the protection they offer against harmful chemicals not only found in the water we drink, but are exposed to while in the shower.

Water Heater Replacement

A faulty or unreliable system can quickly ruin your day and make you downright miserable by robbing you of the comfort of hot water. Consult with one of our licensed plumbers if your system is on the fritz to see if you qualify for hot water repair and replacement.

Water Softener

Hard water can cause all types of issues for your household. Laundry, bathing, dishwashers, and even your entire plumbing system can be adversely affected by hard water. Make an appointment with a member of our staff to address hard water in your home or office.

Yard Hydrant Installation

These hydrants are a perfect way to access water and bring it to far-reaching parts of your lawn or small field. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can provide irrigation solution for your household’s gardens and landscape.

For over ten years, Pro Plumbing Air & Electric has been providing expert plumbing services and drain cleaning service through dedicated, friendly, and professionally-licensed plumbers. We proudly serve the residents of Davie, Forsyth, Davidson, and Guilford Counties in NC.

To make an appointment for a consultation, call us at 336-344-8557 or visit our request service page.